Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Sport Princess Photo/Story of the Week...

Today's story of the week comes from our very own Sport Princess illustrator, Kristin Abbott, about her mom! I love this true story about the ultimate Sport Princess, back in the day:

"Here's a story my Dad likes to tell about my Mom. One day when she was pushing a stroller with two tots (my sister and I) through the park, a loose basketball from a pick-up game crossed her path. My eight and a half months pregnant Mom picked up the ball and executed a perfect lefty hook shot. All the guys in the game laughed and exclaimed "You could never make that shot again in a million years." "Oh yeah," said my Mom, and she proceeded to do it again, and again and again until all those guys went silent. She is an original Sports Princess -- luckily, in her home town of Gackle, North Dakota, a variety of sports were available to girls in the 1950's and she played basketball and ran hurdles and was a cheerleader. This was not true of so many places in our country back then. My mom loves sports!"

Shared by Kristin Abbott,

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