Tuesday, March 15, 2011

As we get closer ...

I'm starting to get excited. nervous. butterflies. I just have about another month and a half before I will get to finally have this first Sport Princess book - for the Soccer Princess - in my hands. 

But it makes me think ... I've always wondered if famous singers get sick of singing the same songs over and over again, and then hearing them afterwards played over and over on the radio, usually months and years after they've produced them? Or what about novel writers, who write, rewrite, edit, re-edit hundreds of pages of manuscript before it's official, then to wait an endless time before having it in print. Do they enjoy reading it that first time after it's published? And what do movie stars think as they watch their million dollar movie at the box office after they filmed it in bits and pieces? I imagine it's weird being on the flip side. You're obviously biased... yet you're also your own worst critic. Will I still like reading the Soccer Princess book after I have it in my hands? 

I have one of the book proofs from the printer right now - a paper version - not true color, but it's called a "Plotter Proof", showing how all the pages fit together right. Mack requested it for her bedtime story a couple nights ago, and when it was over, she sighed and told me "I love that story mom, can you read it again?" It's moments like those - or the days when she responds better to "Josephina" then she does to "Mackayla" ... that I remember why I created the Sport Princess series in the first place. For her. And it already did exactly as I hoped it would. So no matter how the books end up doing, or what I think, the most important thing to me is that my little Mack became my true Sport Princess, and how she squeals in delight when she sees her picture next to mine on the back inside jacket of the book. 

Of course, it would be a dream come true to watch other little girls also transform from Disney Princess high-heelers to Sport Princess hot pink cleats and jerseys... but in the meantime, my little one is everything I could have hoped for. Hugs. BH 

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