Wednesday, March 31, 2010

What's in a Sport Princess?

She's not afraid to get dirty...
She prefers to be outside whether it's rain or shine... running, playing...
She's determined and competitive,
Brave and adventurous,
More likely to pick a fight and stand up for what she believes in than sit and watch the world go by!
She'll wear glitter and ribbons with her football jersey...
Pink and ruffles with her soccer cleats...
Bubble gum and curls with her baseball hat and bat.
And her daddy's favorite sport team shirts... with flowers in her hair.
She would rather camp in a tent than sleep on fluffy mattresses in a luxurious bed,
Would choose a ponytail anyday,
And prefers running around with the boys than sitting inside with the girly girls!
A Sport Princess is glamorous, fancy, and girly.... yet hardcore, adventurous and outgoing!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Photo Contest - 2 prizes and 2 ways to win!

The Sport Princess photo contest continues... contest runs through May 31st, with winners announced on June 11th! To enter, send me a picture of your darling ... rugged little Sport Princess and we'll share her on the blog. Does she wear daddy's favorite football jersey and pom poms on game day? Does she get muddy in her dress in the backyard and not mind?
Does she wear a skirt for soccer?

Because check out these prizes!
There will be two grand prizes (and two ways to win!):
$250 dollars, plus Josephina custom princess gown,
The Soccer Princess book,
pink soccer socks and soccer ball!

For more details click on the Sport Princess Photo Contest link
at the top of the blog.

I wish I had my camera on me today. That... or remember that my cell phone has a camera in it. :) My little Mack insisted on wearing her gloves to the park - which just happen to be her *Baseball Princess SAM fingerless gloves* I bought for her. She bounces through the dandelions in her ruffled skirt, ribboned hair, tennis shoes, green sporty shirt (Happy St Patrick's Day!) and fingerless baseball gloves. You would have thought she was wearing long ... elegant... princess ball gloves for how beautiful she felt and acted and showed off her hands to everyone within sight.

*beaming and can't wait to see other little girls randomly wearing baseball gloves... football stripes... and soccer socks with their dresses*

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A Sport Princess beginning

I used to flinch at the word "princess".
My sister teased me when I made my own onesies for my daughter when she was newborn... I wasn't finding much neutral colored clothes for so young, and when I put Mackayla in boy onesies... yellow or blue or green, everyone thought she was a boy... and that just wasn't fair to my sweet little baby.
So I bought pink plain onesies, and sport patches from a craft store, and made my own! I'd put on a sport ball patch, a number or two, and sometimes put her name "Mack" across the back. I didn't think much about it back then, but now I realize it was the start of the Sport Princess concept.
My sister teased me again after she taught Mackayla all the mainstream princess names and got her into dress-up gowns. See, she had a baby girl just 9 days after I did! Sweet little Avery, who is the girly-girl-princess of them all. I was no competition at first... Mackayla started requesting a dress everyday. So I compromised and bought her new flouncy skirts to twirl in, but sport shirts to go with it... and eventually... her own mini football jerseys. She loved it! As long as she had some girly twist to go along with the rugged sports, she was thrilled.
Ringlets... glittery stripes... puffy crinoline under her skirt...
It wasn't until after I created Sport Princess characters, pictures, and stories that she really got hooked though. She started asking me to call her "Jo" and wore her pink soccer socks and cleats through the house and to preschool! She made me cut out paper dolls and characters and act out the stories with her at night. She has colored and painted countless Sport Princess pictures by my side at night. She is both my biggest fan and inspiration.
The real eye-opener was when we hooked Avery, too.
I have rarely seen anything as beautiful as a rugged sport shirt or jersey over a flouncy skirt, coupled with tennis shoes or cleats, skipping off to preschool and singing a sport tune.
"J J! na-na... na-na"
Will you help me share it with others who might feel the same?

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Saturday for sports and why I can't let Football season go just yet...

My first thought this morning when I woke up was... "it's Saturday! College Football day!" and then I wake up a little more and remember that we're months past that already... I automatically go to the closet anyway and try to decide on a football jersey (I have a whole collection!)to decide which team I want to represent today ... I think I still feel like it's football season since there's so much of the NFL Draft on the news right now. I keep perking up my ears to hear if there are rumors of Dennis Pitta, BYU tight end, and where he ends up getting drafted! It has just been so much fun watching Austin Collie rock it as a young rookie on the Indy Colts this year that I can't wait to see what Pitta can bring next year to the NFL too. But the official NFL draft isn't until late April... so I put my football jersey back in the closet, and choose a baseball jersey with my jeans instead.

Is it wrong that I would rather wear a sport shirt or jersey and jeans every single day? That I'll sometimes put a red sox t shirt under my suit jacket if I have to get dressed up for work because that's the only way I still feel like "me"? I asked Ben just this last week... (super rugged outdoor hunter of a husband. don't tell him I told you but when he's NOT hunting though he makes the meanest strawberry freezer jam!!) I asked him if it ever bothered him that I have more sport clothes than anything else and choose to dress like a tomboy but then put glitter eyeliner on. He just said "of course not!" and I remember how lucky I am to be married to my best friend who lets me really be me.

My little Mack wanted to wear a dress and tights to the park this morning, which of course I let her, because she tells me "this is a sport dress, mom, and I want to play sports at the park AND be a princess". How can I argue with that?

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Go seahawks

We did a girl's roadtrip last fall with my sisters and I took my little football princess Mackayla to a college BYU Cougar game. She loved getting all "football'd and glitter'd up" but once we got in the stands and everyone started cheering, she jumped up on the chair and kept yelling "GO SEAHAWKS!" Everyone within earshot started laughing and soon others were cheering the same along with her... Go Seahawks! Oh well, at least she got the sport right! I've created a sports fan who loves to watch with me. She loves a lot of different teams... sometimes she'll ask me who to cheer for "Mommy are we going for the white ones or the blue ones?" But other times she'll defiantly tell me which ones she wants to win. "Nope, I'm going for the red ones" She's only three!

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