Thursday, March 4, 2010

Go seahawks

We did a girl's roadtrip last fall with my sisters and I took my little football princess Mackayla to a college BYU Cougar game. She loved getting all "football'd and glitter'd up" but once we got in the stands and everyone started cheering, she jumped up on the chair and kept yelling "GO SEAHAWKS!" Everyone within earshot started laughing and soon others were cheering the same along with her... Go Seahawks! Oh well, at least she got the sport right! I've created a sports fan who loves to watch with me. She loves a lot of different teams... sometimes she'll ask me who to cheer for "Mommy are we going for the white ones or the blue ones?" But other times she'll defiantly tell me which ones she wants to win. "Nope, I'm going for the red ones" She's only three!


  1. What a darling photo!! My girls are a little older now, but my six year old still asks, "Who are we voting for?" And invariably it's almost always blue. Luckily, we don't watch too many games that involve purple uniforms, or she might not be as compliant! :)

  2. btw - I do know it's cheering and not voting... but since that's what she says, we just go with it. :)