Meet the Sport Princesses

The Soccer Princess™: Josephina 

Jo would rather play soccer than almost anything else because it's what she's best at, and she loves being outside in the grass and running as fast as she can!  She doesn't walk well in high heels, and steps on toes when she dances.  But she loves her hair in a ponytail and can dribble and kick a soccer ball better than most boys her age!  Her signature items are a pink sports band on her wrist, her funky colored soccer socks, hot pink soccer cleats, and a sports headband.  She loves big flouncy dresses that still allow her to run and jump and play soccer.

The Baseball Princess™: Samantha

Sam is the most tomboy of the three Sport Princesses, raised by just her father, the King.  She is a little shy and reserved, but not afraid to stand up for what she believes in.  She knows baseball better than anything, and has an incredible curveball!  She's left handed.  Sam's signature accessories are her collection of baseball hats, and her batting gloves.  

The Football Princess™: Mackayla

Mack is glamorous, cheerful, and tough.  She doesn't mind getting dirty!  Her father, a King, kindled her love of football by playing catch with her every Saturday at home.  Her mother, the Queen, also got her into Ballet, and she's a Prima Ballerina back at home.  She loves throwing a football jersey over her gowns and painting glittery stripes under her eyes.  

Additional Sport Princess illustrations to be revealed soon! There are 12 total, one will be revealed each month along with a full month of highlights on that specific sport! March will be SOCCER, April will be BASEBALL, May will be FOOTBALL, and then you will get to see the next characters until we have all 12 back up here. Check back here for the growing list!

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