Wednesday, May 10, 2017

We launched a KICKSTARTER project today for the first three books in the series! Soccer Princess, Baseball Princess, and Football Princess! You can see the video at - my favorite is the throwback to Mackayla when she was 3 years old, and then the compilation at the end! (The slow motion football princess makes me giggle every time!)

It's super simple and free to set up a kickstarter account! What I love about Kickstarter is it's all or nothing. It's not like a gofundme asking for donations -- there are reward tier levels that you pledge money on depending on interest level, starting as low as $5, and then after the 28 day duration of the launch when we have enough backers to fully fund the project THEN your money is released and you receive the reward tier that you pledged on!

Please share the link here and let's bring out the tomboy in every princess!

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