Friday, February 17, 2012

Get a free Soccer Princess book ~ this week only!

Gearing up for a long, rainy weekend, while daydreaming of sunny surfing days in Mexico, I decided to do a fun and EASY giveaway with some Limited Edition Soccer Princess books and bracelets I have available!
Stretchy 3 band charm bracelet! Available in Blue, Pink, Purple or Rainbow. Mix and Match, tied together with cute ribbon

Limited Edition version of the Soccer Princess, in the shape and texture of a Soccer Ball! Retail $19.95 :)

So here's the deal! If you hadn't seen yet, I'm a top 10 finalist for a surf scholarship at Surf Las Olas, Mexico. (All my sporty followers, check out this surfing paradise for Women Only! They have this scholarship contest once every year, if you follow them on facebook you'll see when the next contest is!) 
So there is less than a week left to collect votes for the winner. Which brings me to the fun and suuuper easy getaway... For 2 votes I will send you a free Soccer or Baseball Charm Bracelet! For every 5 votes you can put in for me on the contest, I will send you a free Soccer Princess book PLUS the Bracelet! ***Only 1 vote per email address is counted for the entire contest period, so you need to use multiple email addresses (others in the household, work email, friends, etc...) 

It's super simple, you can do this one of two ways. Either go here and scroll down to my name, Bethany, (second from bottom) and CLICK on the HEART next to my  name. It will bring up your email account and you just click Send! The easier way is to just send a BLANK EMAIL to, with the subject title exactly: I Vote for Bethany

That's it! Send from your different email addresses, and then send ME an email here with how many votes you sent in, plus your address where I can mail your freebies! If you have any sporty friends that would like to score some cute jewelry valued at $10, and the Soccer Princess book valued at $19.95, share this with them! While supplies last, I will update here if I run out of bracelets. And choose a "first pick" for color, I have Blue, Purple, Pink, and Rainbow colors. Also PINK Baseball too :) And contest ends on Friday February 24th! 

(if you already voted, you can still send me your # of votes and add to them for freebies and I will still hook ya up! Honor Code System ;)

I wish you all some inner sunshine this weekend! 
xoxo, Bethany

Monday, February 6, 2012

Surfing in Mexico? We make girls out of women

Hi there my Sport Princess lovies!

This really surprised me, and I'm undeserving of this, but I just found out I was chosen as a top 10 finalist for a women's only surf school scholarship in Mexico! I've had my eye on this hot spot for a couple years now - it's an ultimate Sport Princess destination! A women's only surf safari for a week - you've got to check out the site!

Can you please please vote for me before contest ends really soon? The voting is SUPER SIMPLE and you only have to do it once, and don't have to enter any info or anything! You just click on the heart below my name (I'm second from the bottom) and when your email comes up, click send! That’s it! Here's the link:

OR even easier, just send a blank email to with the subject title exactly: I Vote for Bethany

They accept just one vote per email address actually, so if there are others in your household with email, maybe double my chances and send from each? I don’t have my heart set on winning because I'm obviously an underdog, but maybe with your help I'll get really lucky! Please share.

Life is beautiful either way!!! :))))))

xoxo, Bethany