Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Photo Contest - 2 prizes and 2 ways to win!

The Sport Princess photo contest continues... contest runs through May 31st, with winners announced on June 11th! To enter, send me a picture of your darling ... rugged little Sport Princess and we'll share her on the blog. Does she wear daddy's favorite football jersey and pom poms on game day? Does she get muddy in her dress in the backyard and not mind?
Does she wear a skirt for soccer?

Because check out these prizes!
There will be two grand prizes (and two ways to win!):
$250 dollars, plus Josephina custom princess gown,
The Soccer Princess book,
pink soccer socks and soccer ball!

For more details click on the Sport Princess Photo Contest link
at the top of the blog.

I wish I had my camera on me today. That... or remember that my cell phone has a camera in it. :) My little Mack insisted on wearing her gloves to the park - which just happen to be her *Baseball Princess SAM fingerless gloves* I bought for her. She bounces through the dandelions in her ruffled skirt, ribboned hair, tennis shoes, green sporty shirt (Happy St Patrick's Day!) and fingerless baseball gloves. You would have thought she was wearing long ... elegant... princess ball gloves for how beautiful she felt and acted and showed off her hands to everyone within sight.

*beaming and can't wait to see other little girls randomly wearing baseball gloves... football stripes... and soccer socks with their dresses*

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  1. Awww...your little one sounds like such a doll. That would have been a great picture. My 5 yr old just started soccer last week. She loved it. As soon as she got home from the game though she started picking flowers (aka weeds with purple blooms) in our front yard. So she had flowers in one hand and her soccer ball in the other - a sport princess for sure (minus the skirt). Here's the link -