Saturday, March 6, 2010

Saturday for sports and why I can't let Football season go just yet...

My first thought this morning when I woke up was... "it's Saturday! College Football day!" and then I wake up a little more and remember that we're months past that already... I automatically go to the closet anyway and try to decide on a football jersey (I have a whole collection!)to decide which team I want to represent today ... I think I still feel like it's football season since there's so much of the NFL Draft on the news right now. I keep perking up my ears to hear if there are rumors of Dennis Pitta, BYU tight end, and where he ends up getting drafted! It has just been so much fun watching Austin Collie rock it as a young rookie on the Indy Colts this year that I can't wait to see what Pitta can bring next year to the NFL too. But the official NFL draft isn't until late April... so I put my football jersey back in the closet, and choose a baseball jersey with my jeans instead.

Is it wrong that I would rather wear a sport shirt or jersey and jeans every single day? That I'll sometimes put a red sox t shirt under my suit jacket if I have to get dressed up for work because that's the only way I still feel like "me"? I asked Ben just this last week... (super rugged outdoor hunter of a husband. don't tell him I told you but when he's NOT hunting though he makes the meanest strawberry freezer jam!!) I asked him if it ever bothered him that I have more sport clothes than anything else and choose to dress like a tomboy but then put glitter eyeliner on. He just said "of course not!" and I remember how lucky I am to be married to my best friend who lets me really be me.

My little Mack wanted to wear a dress and tights to the park this morning, which of course I let her, because she tells me "this is a sport dress, mom, and I want to play sports at the park AND be a princess". How can I argue with that?