Wednesday, March 31, 2010

What's in a Sport Princess?

She's not afraid to get dirty...
She prefers to be outside whether it's rain or shine... running, playing...
She's determined and competitive,
Brave and adventurous,
More likely to pick a fight and stand up for what she believes in than sit and watch the world go by!
She'll wear glitter and ribbons with her football jersey...
Pink and ruffles with her soccer cleats...
Bubble gum and curls with her baseball hat and bat.
And her daddy's favorite sport team shirts... with flowers in her hair.
She would rather camp in a tent than sleep on fluffy mattresses in a luxurious bed,
Would choose a ponytail anyday,
And prefers running around with the boys than sitting inside with the girly girls!
A Sport Princess is glamorous, fancy, and girly.... yet hardcore, adventurous and outgoing!

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