Thursday, March 10, 2011

Mackayla's first soccer goal ... except ...

My little SP Mack is almost 5 now (June), and now that I'm seeing all the Spring Soccer signups, it makes me think back to last fall - her first soccer season - and her first-ever soccer goal. First of all, I love the little warm-ups and exercises they have these little kids do in soccer practice. Like dribbling around the cones before they know ball control so you either have kids chasing down soccer balls across the field that they've kicked way hard, or, like my daughter, you have a little girl in a skirt taking the tiniest... timid-like baby kicks that go about 2 inches in front of her cleats, her eyes focused on the grass in front of her, so carefully going around each cone that there's a huge lineup of the other kids behind her. :) 

For Mack's first game, I hadn't explained the rules of the game to her yet, (What more was there to kick the ball in the goal?) But quickly discovered that, oh yeah, she needs to learn about what direction you are going. Because, YES, her FIRST ever soccer goal was for the other team. But it was so beautiful I almost cried. She crossed the entire field to get it into the goal, and she was so proud, I just couldn't tell her it was for the wrong team. In fact, she still doesn't know. I will save that for later. She jumped and whooped and had so much fun that I remembered, that's the real reason to play. I'm just happy she likes being out there, likes to run, likes to meet new people, wants to play again. :)

My little Sport Princess, Mack

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