Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My dream vehicle, worthy of tough sporty adventures

I've been drooling over these for as long as I can remember. 

My husband can tell you about the countless times I've been mid-sentence with him, only to stop immediately, googly-eye-stare-down a passing Land Rover Defender 90, then to shake my head back to reality, not remembering what I was even saying.

I recall another distinct afternoon when I was driving home from work that a yellow Defender passed me on a narrow bridge. Afterwards when I closed my open mouth and put my eyes back on the road, it dawned on me that the guy driving the Defender wasn't that bad looking either. He must have thought I was looking at HIM. I'm so naive sometimes. But I hope it did things for his ego.

They are RARE. They stopped building them in the states in the late 90's. And even when you do find the rare one for sale, the prices are usually still in the upper 30k to 40k+ range, even with high miles!

But it's the ultimate, rugged vehicle for me, out in the elusive fairytale of my existence. 
So this week when I finally found a parking spot in front of a new restaurant in Washington for a lunch appointment, I was surprised to see a white Land Rover Defender parked right next door, For Sale. It's like a magnet to me, I don't even remember my legs taking me to the car. I may have heard harps and birds tweeting in the distance. 139k miles, 1994, $22,000. 

I would love to put a big Sport Princess decal on this baby. A bright turquoise blue one. Or orange.

I've heard "Someday" is a dangerous word. But what else can I say? Someday I will own a Land Rover Defender. I know it's petty... so for now, I will keep daydreaming.

White defender for sale I found

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