Monday, March 14, 2011

Athlete Spotlight: Abby Wambach

As we are in the midst of March Soccer month, I have to tell you about an active soccer gal on the US Team, and currently playing for Washington Freedom... miss Abby Wambach.

As far as I've read, this is one hardcore chick, ever since she was hatched. Abby is the youngest of seven children, and learned defense quickly. Her brothers put hockey pads on her so they could practice shooting their hockey pucks at her. Her siblings would raid her food, until she learned to quickly bite each French fry in half on her plate before they had the chance. Abby shares her secret advice: "Always cut your underwear a little so that when your brothers hang you on the doorknob, it will tear away easier."

So it comes as no surprise that she shreds it up on the soccer field.  In Abby's first youth league, she was transferred from the girls team to the boys team after scoring 27 goals in just 3 games. TODAY, She has quickly become "one of the most dangerous strikers in the world" ... with the best goals-per-game-ratio in US history ... 101 goals in 131 games at the end of 2009. And here's my favorite part of that: 41 of those goals were made with her head. 

PLUS she likes to surf. 
And play video games with the other US Soccer mom's kids. 
............ And she has an English Bulldog named Kingston. WHO can ride a skateboard. 

I can't even ride a skateboard. Not to say I haven't tried ... but I've had kaboodles more success and fun sliding down the skateboard ramps and pipes on my butt than standing up on a skateboard. And yes, that was on purpose, during early mornings before the skaters were at the park to watch. (And I didn't even take a skateboard with me) Different story.

Here's a quick vid on Abby Wambach, followed by a much longer vid of a skateboardin' English Bulldog. Enjoy :)