Friday, April 1, 2011

April is for BASEBALL!

Here we go, Sport Princess #2

Samantha, or "Sam", was my second idea. She's a little more tomboy than the others, partly because her parents both played and supported baseball as well. She lost her mother shortly after her younger sister, Sarina, was born, so Sam plays a motherly role over her little sis, plus still plays baseball with her father. The reason she goes to the Perfectly Pink Princess Etiquette School is because she remembers how excited her mother had been about the school, and her daughters going to it, when she was very young. Sam is a pitcher - a left handed pitcher - like Babe Ruth. She has Babe's number, too. #3.

I learned baseball from my father, as well. I would go watch his games with the church team at grassy fields early early Saturday mornings. He instilled the love of Baseball into me at a young age. For one of our daddy daughter dates, he took me and my sister to go see the movie about Babe Ruth... "Babe" ... and then we went to the batting cages ... and then went and ate BabyRuth candy bars afterwards. Another time, on an early Saturday morning, his team was short some players, and they let me play out in far right field. It was a casual pick me up game, with no one watching. But it thrilled me. I ALMOST caught a ball.
That was just enough for me.

This month we will highlight baseball players, baseball photos and stories, and some fascinating history of Women playing Baseball. As well as more about the Baseball Princess book!

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