Wednesday, May 10, 2017

We launched a KICKSTARTER project today for the first three books in the series! Soccer Princess, Baseball Princess, and Football Princess! You can see the video at - my favorite is the throwback to Mackayla when she was 3 years old, and then the compilation at the end! (The slow motion football princess makes me giggle every time!)

It's super simple and free to set up a kickstarter account! What I love about Kickstarter is it's all or nothing. It's not like a gofundme asking for donations -- there are reward tier levels that you pledge money on depending on interest level, starting as low as $5, and then after the 28 day duration of the launch when we have enough backers to fully fund the project THEN your money is released and you receive the reward tier that you pledged on!

Please share the link here and let's bring out the tomboy in every princess!

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Sunday, March 26, 2017

5 years later and we're back! THEN and NOW!

THEN AND NOW Left: Age 3, Right, Age 10
First and foremost, thank you to everyone that has reached out to encourage finishing this series from what was started over the years, including fans, my fabulous illustrator Kristin Abbott, and book designer David Brady! Over the past 5 years we have moved to Austin, Texas and my little sport princess Mackayla has grown up so much! It is ultimately her again who has inspired me to continue this project again that I am so passionate about. 

I started it because of her when she was so young and clamoring for plastic high heels and barbie dolls that made me cringe. I created a world of Sport Princesses for her, and she grew up with that. Fast forward to 7 years later, and that girl has become the epitome of a Sport Princess!! She still loves her tea parties and dress up, but even more so LOVES being on the football field with her team of all boys for the last 5 seasons, or on the soccer field at recess, or going to baseball games with her momma! Over the last year, she has told me that she wants to work for the NFL when she grows up, she has been reading Steve Young's autobiography and loves it, and she asked me if rules are different when we go to heaven... ("What do you mean, sweetie?" Mackayla "I'm really hoping they let girls play professional football in heaven!") She just started asking about playing ice hockey teams as well!

I owe it to my daughter, and to all the tomboys in the world who love a little grit with their glitter and don't mind grass stains on their tutus, to get this out again! Baseball Princess is fully illustrated and ready to publish, and Football Princess is next in line, fully written and ready to be published. Watch for more catch up info soon... and a kickstarter link soon with limited edition rewards!!! Let's do this! Follow us on facebook here!
Xoxo, Bethany

At a Round Rock Express baseball game in Texas

Mack now, swinging at home in Austin, TX 
Broncos Flag Football 5th/6th grade team Fall 2016

sport, sport princess, princess, children's book, fairytale, girly, glamorous, hardcore, adventures, soccer, football, baseball