Friday, April 16, 2010

Sport Princess Football Referee Signals... Videos!

Want to learn different football referee signals from 3 year old Football Princesses? Watch these super cute videos below! The youtube link is pasted above each video so you can share with your friends and family! Send me your cute girl sport videos and we'll share on the blog!

Part 2: Avery:


  1. That was very cute, Bethany (and Nikki). She must watch all your football games with you.

  2. I wouldn't say all... However she already gives me play by plays if I leave the room and then come back ... "mom! Mom! The blue ones got a touchdown! Not the white ones! He jumped up high in the air and caught it and touchdown!" ...
    And she also knows what to say if she wants to stay up late and not go to bed. She's said this to me twice before and we didn't even have a game on. "but mom, I just want to watch a football game with you!"
    melts my heart and she KNOWS it

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