Saturday, April 17, 2010

Girlie girl pink princess fairy store in London

Wait, did I fail to mention pink and girlie?

I came upon this Mystical Fairies pink princessy shop yesterday in the village of Hampstead, London. And even though this kind of store is everything that I am NOT, I couldn't help but go inside! I thought of Avery, mostly, and ... okay... basically every little girl in the history of mankind. I have to say I was awe-struck at once, and wish I could show you a picture of the intricately princess'd inside (Trust me, I tried and was almost taken out by a pink tutu'd glitter employee)

The shop itself wasn't that large, but wall to wall tea sets, dolls, ballet girlness, gowns, glitter, fairydust makeup, hair accessories, princess jewelry, purses, sequins, canopies, etc ... and even hanging from the ceiling were glittery branches holding fairies, butterflies and girl wonder-ness.
My mum bought a new fairy teaset for the girls, and invitations to a teaparty. The checkout employee had ringlets, tiara, and a tutu.
So if you know me ... it wasn't long before I started feeling claustrophic as the walls of pink and frilly started crashing in on me... my breathing quickened and I had to go back outside into the fresh air. I felt like I needed something to redeem myself... like... find a sport store and buy a new jersey, or drop down in that village alley and start doing pushups. I wonder if this is how dads feel when in this same situation? Where did my girlie girl gene go? Did my sister get double? All I know is ... we do things for our girlie daughters because we love them, and we know they love the pink girlie princesses, so of course we oblige! But I would openly embrace it, love it, delight in it TOO if it had more of a tomboy edge on it.

This is what it would look like:

HOT pink and brown
glitter football stripe sticks
pink sporting goods, cleats, socks, bats, balls,
vintage pictures of Sport Princesses on the walls... and sport pennants... and framed jerseys... and merchandise
Green turf floor with white 10 yard lines on it
The jewelry would be sport wristbands, headbands, leatherbands, soccer ball earrings
Princess gowns next to the sport jerseys and crinoline
and a high def tv on the wall playing sporting games so the dads would still feel manly and embrace going in, too.


  1. very nice store. I'll visit there and buy a gift for my daughter.

  2. My daughter started to become crazy when we were at the store, she wanted all, ahaha you have no idea how hard was for us to leave the store with her.