Sunday, February 27, 2011

........AAAAND we're back. New format!

Did I forget? Nah. Has a lot happened? Yup. Am I excited to share it all with you? Absolutely!!
I want to first KICK OFF the new Sport Princess blog format, and will quickly be getting into the nitty gritty and exciting updates to the Sport Princess series and where we've been the last half a year! Sooo much to delve into. But first, the official-ness of fun updates:

Every Monday will be a girl/woman power *Athlete Spotlight*..... from super celebrity athletes, to local small town young girls. I will absolutely take submissions for this weekly blog post, and want to hear about your own Sport Princess highlights, or an all star athlete in your town that we need to know about and can be empowered by. Email me the skinny along with a photo or video at!

Every Wednesday we will share a *Sport Princess photo or story of the week*. This is also open to submissions, send me those fun stories and a picture so we can all be in on it together!

Every Friday I will share a fun *Gameday recipe* to give you lots of yummy sporty goodness to go along with watching or playing sports! (Wait now, how many ways can you make nachos and hot dogs? Let's get creative and share loads of hoo-ra food!)

There will be lots of book, merchandise, and series updates all mixed in between these too.
Now here's the fun part: unveiling the rest of the Sport Princesses. Because guess what... there are now 12 OF THEM! So to kick that off, I am going to introduce one character a month, highlighting that specific sport for that entire month. We will go in order of how they will be published in the series. So to start March 1, we will be having a SOCCER MONTH, to go along with the first book to be published in 2011, The Soccer Princess.

Stick around for lots more soon, starting tomorrow with the first Athlete Spotlight.

~Hugs!! Bethany